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This week 3/31 – 4/3

Monday is a holiday.

Tuesday – Sunday:

We will be learning and reviewing about Minerals. We will focus on mineral formation and identification. Remember. you have until Sunday evening to complete all your work. Please refer to the contact information and office hours posted in your Google Classroom if you need help accessing anything.

Log into your Google Classroom and look under the Classwork tab.

You will have two folders for this week. 3/31 – 4/3 Assignments and 3/31 – 4/3 Class Discussion. You must complete all the tasks assigned to you.

3/31 – 4/3 Assignments – you will have your tasks listed for you.

Task 1 – click on the link for you to join your Ck12 class and view the assignments listed for this week. Pay attention to the due dates

Task 2 – please use the appropriate video to answer the related questions. You do not have to submit anything when you are finished, the Google Document will save it for you. You can open it as many times as you need to.

3/31 – 4/3 Class Discussion – you will answer the question that is posted for you. You must also respond to a post from AT LEAST 2 other students following the Class Discussion Guidelines.