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Week of 4/27 – 5/3 Assignments

Task 1 – BrainPop Solar System

Use the link watch BrainPop:

Solar System

Test your knowledge using the online assessments for this video.

Task 2 – Gravity and the Solar System Games

Use the following link to access the Gravity and the Solar System Games playlist.

If you haven’t already created your account, you must use your HISD and Google Classroom Login to create your account. You may be asked to create a username so please follow the instructions.

**Task 3 – Space Travel Guide Project

Use the attached instructions to choose and create a travel guide to the planet of your choice. Please follow the instructions carefully to receive full credit.

You can choose to create your guide in ANY format that you choose. For example, Prezi, PowerPoint, Moovly, Powtoon…etc.

YOU MUST make sure that the format you choose can either be accessed by a shared link (double-checking to ensure that it works) or can be uploaded to one of the Google products (slide, doc, etc.) Please ask if you need help.

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