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This week May 26th – 31st

Hello friends,

It’s the last week of school!!!! It has certainly been a crazy ride and I cannot think of anyone on the planet with whom I would rather go through all of this with than YOU! Each and every one of you has blessed my life immeasurably and I will miss you this summer so much. You all showed the world that nothing will stop you and you have impressed me with your ability to be flexible. Just think of the stories you’ll tell you children one day. “I lived through a world-wide pandemic. Did you know that we couldn’t even go to school?” =)

This week we are having a super-fun event. It’s a school-wide Kahoot! game! The event is THIS Tuesday, May 26th, 2020!! Please make plans to attend!

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This week 5/18 – 5/20

** Task 1 – Double -Check

This week, you will go through every task that has a mark like this ->** next to it and make sure that you have completed the work. Make sure that it does not have the word “missing” next to it.

Next, check Gradespeed.

Does the grade say MISSING? If so, you need to go back again and check. If something you previously turned in is now showing as missing, something is wrong and you need to go back and make sure that you actually turned in work that was complete.
After you submit your LATE WORK YOU MUST EMAIL Mrs. Cortes at
Turned in something and don’t see a grade? No worries, please email Mrs. Cortes at and let me know that your work is submitted. No need to tell me that you don’t have a grade, once you tell me, I will go grade it.

**Google Classroom does not automatically notify me when work is submitted. If you don’t tell me, I don’t know.

Sifting through every assignment looking for late submissions takes a tremendous amount of time.

*** MATH TIME!!! ***

Every new click takes time to load….148 x 6 = 876… multiply this times 1 minute = 876 minutes….. 14.6 HOURS. This is not including any actual grading, this is JUST time spent waiting on the screen to load.

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This week 5/11 – 5/17

Here is a look at the week ahead:

Wednesday check-in – Make sure you check in by Wednesday. You do not have to wait, you can check in early.

** Task 1

Use the link in Google Classroom to access the Nearpod Learning Module

  • Classifying Living Organisms

During this learning module, you will move through a series of slides and complete the activities as directed by the instructions. If login is necessary, please follow the instructions. Please remember to use your HISD email login information.

Look for class codes in the directions on Google Classroom.

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Week of 5/4 – 5/10 Assignments

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and starting to settle into our “new normal”. Even though, these last few weeks have presented countless challenges, I am proud of ALL of us because of the way we have persevered! We didn’t let a few challenges get us down because we are Pin Oak Chargers!!

Here is a look at the week ahead…

**Task 1 – All About Cells Nearpod

This week, I am proud to present my very first Nearpod lesson!

Using the link I provided, you will complete a Nearpod learning module – All About Cells.

Nearpod will require you to work through several tasks. Please complete each one as you move from slide to slide. Some slides will open a new window and may require you to log in or sign up. Please do so using your HISD email and password.

Don’t let the simplicity of this week’s assignment make you feel like you can wait until the last minute to complete it.